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Monday, April 13, 2009


Left : co-owner Mr Adam Kaleibic (in blue), Belait District Officer & Mr Musa Adnin(owner)
Congratulations to Fratini's Restaurant on the opening of their new branch in Seria yesterday, 12th April 2009. Family members and a few close friends were invited to witness the function.
A doa selamat was read by Ustaz Hj Rahmat prior to the cutting of the ribbon. The guest of honour was the Belait District Officer, Tuan Hj Jamain and spouse, who officiated the opening.

Pizzas, pastas and calamaris were served during the opening, with free flow of drinks. Everyone went home with full tummies.
The ceremony ended with Mr Musa handing a mock cheque to the Belait District Officer for Tabung Amal Daerah Belait, amounting to BND1,500.00.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Seria Prihatin Carnival will be held for three days starting on the 10th of April until the 12th of April 2009, at Padang Bandaran Seria (the old tamu space). The aim of this carnival is to raise fund for the Palestinian in Gaza. The carnival will feature activities and exhibitions during the three day. They include arm wrestling, motorcycle and car exhibitions, tug-of-war, teh tarik competition, karaoke, walkathon and many more. There are also tents for rent at BND60.00 for 3 days. And if you have your own beach umbrella, the rental is at BND30.00 for 3 days.
Congratulations on your engagement : Saturday, 4th April 2009 was the day Rizal and Fatimah got engaged. The ceremony took place at AS26, VIP Housing, Jalan Telanai, BSB. At about 8.30pm, we left for Fatimah's house in Bunut. The engagement ceremony was only for family members. It was a brief ceremony, ending with Pg Hjh Rosnah placing the ring on Fatimah's finger.

Monday, April 6, 2009


How often do you remember the people that have made little things possible for you? It's easy to take our privileges for granted. Today, be more aware of your surroundings--everything from your shirt, house, food, and car--and who has made them possible for you. Who has made it possible for you to experience such wonderful things? One way to let someone know that you truly appreciate their efforts is to send them a quick note or return the kindness in your own way.

When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree.- Vietnamese saying

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Model : Nissan Prairie 5-Door wagon
Year purchased : 2005
Price : BND15,000.00
Interested party, please call : 3330700

Back from Umrah

Alhamdulillaah, Johari arrived safely at 5.50pm on Monday, 30 March 2009. He went on Umrah through Straits Central Agencies (B) Sdn Bhd. Readers may enquire about the Umrah package at 2224054 / 2229356 / 2243800.

Nadiah's Birthday