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Friday, February 25, 2011


RED CANOPY is the canteen contract holder in BLNG. She will be here for two more years, since the contract is three years.

The employees are very slow in service, phone calls are seldom answered (if ever someone answers it, it will be like, the 5th or 6th call!). Once we ordered food for a morning gathering, they were not prepared; the superviosr somehow, had forgotten about it. So, our focal person had to have them cooked fried noodle, and made sandwiches on the spot. They had curry puffs and malay cakes served while waiting.

So, if anyone happens to read this, and knows or Datin Hjh Maimunah, do convey this report. I am sure she will be calling the staff immediately. Afterall, it's going to be their reputation.

Hopefully, the service will be better after this.


GOT THIS, yeay!!


There will be a fun run/walk from LLRC/Lumut Beach/LLRC today, 25th February 2011 @ 4:30PM. It will be led by BLNG MD/CEO, Hj.Salleh Bostaman Hj.Zainal Abidin. Participants are to gather at the beach huts in front of LLRC. Running shoes and suitable attire is recommended.

The objectives for the fun run/walk are to maintain the health of the workforce through inculcating individuals to take charge of their own health. Furthermore, it will foster a better rapport amongst employees after-work and supporting "Work-Life balance" initiatives.
As previous year, BLNG will also contribute B$2.00 for each km / person and with additional of $2.00/person for a warm up session. The contribution will be donated to BLNG ‘s Staff Orphan Fund.

I am looking forward to this afternoon since I am a new employee in BLNG, and it will my first participation. Yeay!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Tis' the season to be crazy, lalalala, Pearl haya...

Monday, February 7, 2011


More "tudungs" to be.


Finally, I have got some work to do! Feels like a real employee :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


When I landed on my new job, first thing I noticed is that, the company and their associates, use a lot of abbreviations. It is kind of difficult to know what the article means when abbreviations are used, especially for people like me, a new comer.
So, what I did was, to look up for those abbreviations and read them in full. Self-satisfaction, you call it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Habit #1
The Habit of Personal Vision
Being proactive means taking responsibility for our attitudes and actions as well as taking the initiative to make things happen.

Habit #2
The Habit of Personal Leadership
Start with a clear destination to understand where you are now, where you are going, and what you value most.

Habit #3
The Habit of Personal Management
This is about personal management, which involves organising and managing time, events, and self. Organise and execute around priorities.

Habit #4
The Habit of Interpersonal Leadership
“Win-Win” is the attitude of seeking mutual benefit.

Habit #5
The Habit of Emphatic Communication
Understanding builds the skills of empathic listening that inspire openness and trust.

Habit #6
The Habit of Creative Cooperation
Synergy results from teamwork and cooperation, from valuing differences by bringing different perspectives together in the spirit of mutual respect.

Habit #7
The Habit of Renewal
Renewing your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional attributes makes possible personal fulfilment and growth.