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Monday, July 25, 2011


When your son and I finally tied the knot, you accepted me for who I am. And for that, I thanked you. Though you and your wife were already living separate lives then, both of you welcomed me in the family. Whatever happened between the two of you, is really non of my business.

Anyway, PAPA, I don't know you that well, but I know you loved your sons. Though the other two isolated you, you always tried to keep them near by sending them text messages; whether they had replied or not, again I wouldn't know. Sadly, your eldest had left before you.

PAPA, we were all shocked by your death. At first, I thought R was pulling my legs. But when I read all the text messages he received, it was positive, you're dead. Being dead is one thing. But how you died, was really pitiful. We were investigating how you died and logically, we confirmed that you died of internal haemorrhage, on the night of 10 July 2011.

PAPA, why did you not want to be taken care of? Why did you prefer to stay alone in that house? To make matter worse, you were diabetic; you needed help.

Anyway, we were glad to have met you last August 2010, although it was just for a few hours.
We would always make it a point to visit you every time we were in town. Now that you're gone, we may not go to the province anymore.

PAPA, you are gone now. What's left behind are memories. The house will be taken over by your wife, and the apartment in the city will be taken over by your son. R has nothing at the moment as he believed that as long as your wife is still alive, she deserves to receive whatever income she can get from the property you had left.

May you rest in peace..