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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I've just been from Mum's bakery in KB. The shop is nice from the inside and the music is very nice to the ears. But, wait! The staff, they are not as nice as the shop or the music. They do not greet the customers good morning and thank you. All they give you are their sour faces. They are not wearing anything to cover their hair; a hair net will do I suppose.

Once, when I was early and didn't have time to have breakfast at home, I went over to Mum's bakery, KB, to grab something to eat. When I was about to pay, the cashier didn't bother to smile or greet 'good morning',, and had that sort of sour face. So I asked her, "What's wrong with you?" She replied, "Nothing." Then I asked again, "Why is your face so sour early in the morning?" She said, "No lah." I said, "You should greet your customers and thank them. You're in the service industry." She didn't want to look at me but continue putting my purchase in the plastic.

The owner of Mum's bakery, KB. Go and take a look at your staff. I think you should send them for a course on etiquette.


LimZhi said...

Owh, the staff are so rude..

Why aren't Malaysians generous in giving smiles? That doesn't cause any loss at all. Haiz..

Btw, thx for ur wish! ;) I will work hard!

Bee said...

I think most humans are generous at heart, but some are more reticent than others. But you're right, smiling is Courtesy 101 for those in the service and hospitality industry. Maybe the employer has to share some of the blame as well in this respect.

cobrizoperla said...

smile and kindness are so beautiful!
everybody needs them, everywhere, not only in the work, i think. world should be better with a little of this...