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Saturday, December 6, 2008


It was my nephew's 6th birthday party yestersday. The theme was BEN 10. The main attraction was the water bouncer, of course. There were face painting and balloon twisting, popcorn and cotton candy stand. Instead of a big birthday cake, Azim's cake were some cute little cup cakes with BEN 10 and Liverpool theme. There were games like pinata and bowling (hit the water bottles using coconut). Food? Well, spaghetti, carbonara, satay, donuts, pao and pizzas. Everyone had a good time. The party ended at 6pm. Pictures attached.

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小齐儿 said...

Happy birthday to AZIM.我是来自中国厦门的小齐儿妈妈,刚才在my blog 里见到你们的留言,所以来到这里,很高兴认识你们!