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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Dark Side of Chocolate

When choosing a chocolate product, consider looking for an organic certification. Over 30 different pesticides are used when growing cocoa beans, which are one of the world's most heavily sprayed crops. Certified Organic chocolate is made from cocoa plants that were not sprayed with chemical pesticides or herbicides, which could leave behind a residue in your chocolate.

Although your choice in chocolate bars can’t change the world, and should not replace other healthy foods, it can be a healthy treat if you choose wisely. Refer the following cheat sheet before your next trip to the chocolate shop:

Good for Your Health
"70% Dark Chocolate"
Cocoa butter
Cocoa liquor
Sugar or cane juice
Cocoa powder
Thick, tight wrapper
Glossy, dark or smooth texture

Leave it on the Shelf
"Milk Chocolate"
Partially hydrogenated oil
Natural or artificial colour
Corn syrup
Milk, milk fat, or lactose
Dutch processed or Alkalized
Thin wrapper or exposed to light
Blotchy, streaky or rough texture
Conventional (no distinction)

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