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Monday, October 20, 2008


Last week, my son, Hakeem, and daughter, Maryam, found this cat. They gave her milk and decided to name her "Cocoaboo". Then it came to my two elder daughters, 'Aisyah and Farah. So all four of them decided to keep it as a 'pet'. I objected because I do not want to go through the trouble cleaning their poos and pees. The whole house will smell. She is a stray cat and pregnant. So, I told my children that they can feed her but that's it. She is not allowed inside the house at any time.


webwizzer said...

cocoaboo looks like my C3,, she was also a stray cat but when we found her she was just a small kitten crossing the busy street..we love her so much,,,but she died after she gave birth;(

webwizzer said...

oh! this is enric from scrapsoflife-magz-blogspot.com..I'm using webwizzer's computer,, that's why he's name appeard on your comment.. but actually that was my comment for cocoaboo..;)heheheh