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Monday, November 10, 2008


Cocoaboo had given birth to four kittens two weeks ago. Because we didin't have a home for her, she kept her kittens in an old car in my neighbour's bouse. My children are very fond of Cocoaboo. Every morning, they would look for her, and feed her. Now that Cocoaboo knows my children are feeding her, she comes to our back door every morning, asking for food. My children even went to the extend to buy her food, 'Whiskas'.

Looking at the fondness of my children towards Cocoaboo, I began to like her, too. She has found love in our home. Nowadays she will come in our kitchen and sit by the door. I am glad Cocoaboo came to our home because my daughter, Maryam, is afraid of cats. She would run away if she sees one. With the presence of Cocoaboo, Maryam is now a brave girl and already starting to touch and carry her. She even put a bell around Cocoaboo's neck so that we know where Cocoaboo is. Cocoaboo has a home now..

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Anonymous said...

I love kitties too :) Now I can't have any pets bcuz my kids are allergic..wahhh!!