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Thursday, November 20, 2008


My only son has gone on an all expenses paid trip to Singapore yesterday morning, and will be back on Sunday. courtesy of my brother and his wife. Thank you very much..

Yesterday, I took my three girls to Bandar to submit application at MOE, Ong Sum Ping, for transfer of school. Then we went to The Mall. Mall hopping for a while then had lunch at my sisiter's house in Jalan Telanai.

I had a meeting with an architect firm at 1430hrs. My youngest daughter decided to stay with my sisiter until Sunday. So I took my two elder daughters to 'Giant'. it was our first time there. It's a nice place, with kiosks here and there. People who had been there said the prices are cheap in Giant. We did our own scouting and the prices are not that cheap at all!! In fact, most items are more expensive than Soon Lee or Millimewah. Anyway, we didn't go there to shop, but to see what 'Giant' is like. We had snacks at Rasamas. The food was okay. The finally, headed for home at about 1730hrs.

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